The Home that Rosebank Built

What started as a slightly off-beat idea, gained momentum quickly. Could you build an entire house using businesses in Rosebank? As an area that is totally abuzz with trading and supplier companies, we think you can.

Over the next twelve months we will walk you through the entire process of building your own home using companies in Rosebank and West Auckland. We will learn about new products and hear of tried and true systems to help you go from the conception phase to the final building stage.

By using local suppliers, not only will you be supporting local businesses, chances are you’ll also find ways to save money, too.

If you’re looking to build or are in the process of building your own home, there will be something of interest for you. Even home owners are bound to find features that appeal to them – we’ve a feature on furniture and who doesn’t love to hear about designs that are trending right now?
Some companies in our upcoming features are large international companies, some are national, some are small family owned businesses – this is the nature of Rosebank. Whatever the situation, the companies featured each have excellent reputations and expertise to help the whole process be as seamless as possible.

Building your own home is a dream for many New Zealanders. The notion of designing a house to tailor individual needs appeals to many of us but how do we take the first step and what is involved? Everyone who builds a house will have differing needs and wants – they’ll also have different experiences. By working with companies that have earned a solid reputation in the industry, the process does not need to be a headache. When you finally receive the keys to your new property, you’ll be glad you had them by your side.

We’ll be featuring many products, suppliers and service providers that stand out as some of the best on offer – period. Not just the best in Rosebank.

The first feature delves into the planning and design stages of building your home. In the following months we will investigate roofing and cladding, insulation and flooring, plumbing and painting, windows and doors, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, electrical and lighting, utilities and appliances, glass solutions, furniture and finally landscaping.

From roofing to flooring, to landscaping and fitting out a stylish kitchen, we will investigate it all. Twelve features, twelve months. Let’s build a solid foundation of knowledge and create a house. We bring you “The Home that Rosebank Built.”

Features written by Alice Cranfield

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