Pathways to the Future

West Auckland businesses are invited to nominate employees for the Pathways to the Future Awards.

Successful nominees receive funding from the Trust to advance their vocational careers further and are presented with a trophy at an awards presentation.

The Trust encourages and rewards young employees who contribute to the success of their employer’s business. Funding grants are for contributions to vocational courses, textbooks or tools of the trade.

By assisting an employee to attend study or acquire equipment to aid them in their current employment, the aim is to give them a “leg up” in their career, allowing them to excel in their current role, and pursue opportunities for advancement their employer may offer.

To date, the Pathways to the Future Trust has contributed well over $200,000 to over 100 young people working in the West Auckland area.

We are proud to announce that the EMA will continue to sponsor the Pathways to the Future Trust and look forward to another exciting round of deserving applicants being nominated by their employers for the Awards in 2023.

Please visit the Pathways to the Future Trust website for more information, or contact Kim Watts now on 021 639 509 or [email protected]

Photo of recipients of the Pathways to the Future award