CCTV in Operation

As the RBA continues to find solutions to the increase in crime in our Rosebank area, of concern is the increase since the new year of Boy Racers who are back in Rosebank with renewed vigor and there have been numerous sightings of 100+ cars attending these burnout events. These organised meets have lookouts posted so by the time the police arrive everyone has dispersed.

The RBA has been working with Auckland Roading Police to try to come up with ideas on how to curb this issue. Last year we put up liquor ban signage hoping to deter groups of people from congregating, and this appears to have had some success as we are not having the same issues in Charann Place.

 You will see the new signage up around Rosebank notifying everyone that there are CCTV cameras operating in the area. With a total of nine signs at the entranceway to all our dead-end streets as well as both off-ramps at Rosebank and Patiki Roads. We can’t say we aren’t giving enough warning.