Fun in the Sun

Tuesday the 21st of February 2023 turned out to be a beautiful sunny day for the Rosebank Business Challenge. This year’s theme was the Amazing Business Race – a takeoff on the original race around the world with us basing the event down at Riversdale Reserve in Avondale.

This year saw 18 teams consisting of 133 local Rosebank business employees turning up to compete for the outright chance to be named Top Rosebank Business Challenge winners for 2023.

As part of the RBA’s Rosebank Wellbeing Collab, this was an opportunity to bring our local business employees together to interact in a fun activity that included socializing with fellow workmates as well as getting to know your business neighbours.

The aim of the game was to collect clues that would lead your team around the nine Pit Stops set up before heading to the finish line. With one team member at the start line, enthusiasm was in abundance as they ran to the Holdson Pit Stop to reveal a pair of cards to receive Clue #2.

It was then onto the Blum Pit Stop where a TEAM CHALLENGE was set up for all team members to complete the dance craze – The Macarena. This timeless dance resonated with lots of our competitors and there was no shortage of laughter as people showed off their moves.

The next stop was the Westie Food Groups ‘Enny, Meeny, Miny, Moe Pit Stop. One team member was asked to pick a small Westie Pie and eat it. This was a game of chance as potentially the participant could be eating a few pies before they found an Amazing Business Race logo to retrieve their next clue.

Clue #4 saw our teams heading to the Direct OPD & Workspace Direct Pit Stop where the aim was to Spot eight differences between two office settings.

Teams then headed to the Autex Pit Stop whose activity incorporated a twist on two games – Twister and Tic, Tac, Toe. After one team member walked the Twister maze backwards, they were asked to guess how many individual Tic Tacs (763 in total) were in the jar before collecting an Autexocity Gnome and their next clue.

The Spark Business Auckland – West Pit Stop comprised one team member playing the Cornhole Mobile Phone game where skill was required to hit the ‘H – U – B’ holes to complete the task and receive their next clue.

As teams moved around the course they were up for a treat as they approached the Bon Accord Pit Stop #7. This saw a team member remove the top from an Oreo cookie, lick out the cream centre and reveal a bare cookie to the Amazing Business Race crew member to receive their next clue.

As with the original Amazing Race, we incorporated a ROADBLOCK at the Anglo Engineering Pit Stop where teams had the option to unscramble the jumbled-up words or search through the Rosebank Business Directories to find an Amazing Business Race Logo.

Clue #9 asked the question ‘Are you tyre’d yet? as the teams proceeded to locate the Tyres 4U Pit Stop where someone was required to roll a tyre around a cone and back before receiving their last clue.

Sniffing victory, we saw two teams vying for the first-place position and victory as winners of this year’s Rosebank Business Challenge. The trick was that the whole team had to stand on the Amazing Business Race finisher’s mat with the victors being Rosebank School just piping Autex’s – Red Sagazo and Rheem coming in as 3rd placegetters.

Whether the team had placed 1st or 18th, the look of satisfaction, enjoyment, and camaraderie was evident on everyone’s face with everyone saying they would do the event again next year.

We would like to thank our Pit Stop Sponsors, volunteers on the day, and the businesses that donated wonderful prizes for us to give away both on the field and at the prize giving which included two major ‘Work from Home’ office setups from DOPD.