Rosebank’s Most Wanted – May 2024

Intelligent Environments

At Intelligent Environments, we believe in walking our walk and talking our talk. Our commitment to our values extends beyond mere words. In an industry predominantly male-dominated, we proudly defy the norm. With 50% female representation across all aspects of our business, we champion diversity, equality, and empowerment. Supporting the Pink Ribbon Breakfast aligns perfectly with our ethos, as it allows us to actively contribute to breast cancer awareness and research. Together, we’re making a difference – one step at a time.

Congratulations Intelligent Environments, you are one of this month’s Rosebank’s Most Wanted business.

Paynes Aluminium

Paynes Aluminium is a close-knit team who supports Breast Cancer Awareness. We participate in events to encourage sharing experiences, providing comfort, and promoting understanding. By bringing breast cancer into the open, we aim to break down barriers, support sufferers and their families, and work towards eradicating this devastating disease. Let’s wear pink ribbons, join events, and spread the word because together, we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Congratulations Paynes Aluminium, you are one of this month’s Rosebank’s Most Wanted.