Rosebank’s Most Wanted – June 2024


Wellness at Rheem is about promoting and supporting employee well-being, June was our Women’s Health Month, which has seen a raft of initiatives such as our Women’s Lunch and Learn, where Well Women and Family coordinated educators from the Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer, and Cervical Screening organisations to spend some time at Rheem HQ, and inform our wahine on early signs, screening and the importance of both. It is important to us an employer to foster a healthy, balanced, and supportive work environment. We believe that enhancing our team’s wellness ultimately contributes to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Jason Ennor:

Jason Ennor from MyHR has generously covered the cost of new speakers for Fair Food after their original ones were stolen in a break-in.

Fair Food, a charity redistributing food packages to families in need in West Auckland, uses these speakers to create a pleasant work environment. Jason emphasised, “Workplaces need music,” and promptly came to their aid. This act of kindness ensures Fair Food can continue its vital outreach efforts, making the job more enjoyable and providing a fun distraction for workers and volunteers.

Congratulations Jason, you are Rosebank’s Most Wanted Individual for June.

Congratulations Rheem, you are this month’s Most Wanted business.