Safeguard Your Plates, Protect Your Vehicle

The RBA has teamed up with Matrix Security to offer a free service on Thursday, March 7 that replaces the standard screws on your vehicle’s number plates with anti-theft screws. The swap is a quick fix that will take about five minutes of your time.

Why are anti-theft screws important?

With increases in crime, an often overlooked aspect of vehicle security is license plate protection. License plate theft is a prevalent crime that, while it won’t result in any legal issues for the owner, presents significant risks, including vehicle identity theft and involvement in criminal activities. It is important to report such thefts to the police and use anti-theft screws as a simple, direct, and effective deterrent.

These specialised screws feature unique heads that require specific tools for removal. This significantly complicates attempted thefts by making their removal time-consuming and noisy, which enhances the likelihood of detection. Criminals are less inclined to target vehicles equipped with these screws, opting for easier targets instead. Consequently, investing in anti-theft screws not only protects your own property, but also contributes to reducing vehicle-related crimes in the wider community.

In essence, anti-theft screws represent a small yet impactful step toward strengthening vehicle security and mitigating the risks associated with license plate theft. By proactively taking measures to prevent license plate theft, vehicle owners can enjoy greater peace of mind, safeguard their assets, and contribute to fostering safer communities.

Contact [email protected] to schedule your appointment for Thursday, March 7 between 12:00 and 1:30 pm.