Ahoy there, me hearties!

On February 20th, 18 teams of 127 shipmates descended on Riversdale Reserve for the annual Rosebank Business Challenge.

This year’s theme was “Treasure Island,” and there was no shortage of swashbuckling as teams navigated their way around the various islands to complete pirate-themed tasks. Shipmates paired up for a spirited three-legged race en route to Holdson’s “Stump Quest Atol,” where scrubbing the decks revealed a hidden pirate. From there, it was plain sailing to Anglo Engineering’s “Runtime Terror Cove,” where mates tried their luck at fishing for sharks in infested waters. Even with the fear of rogue ships lurking nearby, rival teams wasted no time in challenging each other to duels by sword at Blum’s “Coral Latch Cay.”

The anticipation in the air was imbued with the spirit of adventure as pirates collected bounty stationery from treasure chests nestled at Direct Office Products Depot’s “Paper Shore Reef.” A mischievous shipmate faced the consequence of walking the plank upon reaching Autex Industries’ “Muffled Sounds” before diving into the water to count the sharks.

Next, it was time to navigate to Spark Waitakere Hub’s “Sparkling Sands,” where mates engaged in a lively game of Treasure Island cornhole. The voyage continued to Bon Accord’s “Sipkey Island,” where Polly did want a cracker, with participants enjoying Arnott’s crackers after retrieving a can of hot chocolate. One particularly enterprising pirate even sifted through their hot chocolate in search of hidden treasure!

At the scenic “Shimmy Shake Bay,” sponsored by VIBE, pirates were invited to dress up with provided props and capture group photos while savouring a chilled can of VIBE, before dodging cannonballs to retrieve rubber ducks at Tyres 4U’s “Zen Tread Haven.”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, however, as teams had to collect tokens along the way and solve a word jumble to claim their team’s bounty (bag of goodies).

It was great to see teams coming together as they embarked on a journey of camaraderie and discovery, unearthing a wealth of treasures to be enjoyed among friends and enriching the event with laughter and lasting memories.

We would like to thank our major sponsors – Holdson, Anglo Engineering, Blum, DOPD, Autex Industries, Spark Waitakere Hub, Bon Accord, VIBE, and Tyres 4U – for their continued support. We are also grateful for the generous donations of gifts for our bounty bags and the wonderful spot prizes provided by local businesses.

Roundabout Magazine

This article was published in Roundabout Magazine Issue 205 (March 2024).

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