Rosebank Business Association reaches finals in 2023 2Degrees North/West Business Awards

Recognising exceptional performance and outstanding achievements within the business sector, the Rosebank Business Association was named as a finalist in the ‘Excellence in Community Contribution’ category at this year’s 2Degrees Business Awards North/West.

This category specifically recognises a community-oriented initiative that has been implemented and evaluates its influence and impact on the community. The Rosebank Wellbeing Collab initiative was acknowledged as a finalist and is commended for its dedication to spearheading workplace wellbeing practices.

As part of the entry, the RBA was asked to outline a list of the initiatives undertaken by the Rosebank Wellbeing Collab over the past 18 months, spanning from January 2022 to July 2023 which you can find below.

KN95 masks and RAT tests – January 2022

With continued concern for our Rosebank workers, the RBA worked with local business Direct Office Products Depot to inform the Rosebank Business Community of the availability of KN95 masks and subsequent Rapid Antigen Testing kits.

Financial Wellbeing Picnic Lunch webinar – April 2022

As part of the Rosebank Wellbeing Collab (RWC) our emphasis this year was on Financial Wellbeing as the implications of COVID take their toll on our Rosebank employees. We have solid support from co-design stakeholders, and on Wednesday 6th April 2022, our first Financial Wellbeing Picnic Lunch was held as a virtual webinar through Zoom.

The event attracted 25 company representatives to listen to Tātaki Auckland Unlimited and Haven Financial as they imparted choices on how they can provide financial wellbeing support for their staff. Joanna Bourke from Tātaki Auckland Unlimited presented their ‘Future Ready Training’ initiative that provides short, in-work financial literacy courses for Pacific people, and in contrast, Sky Leigh from Haven Financial covered the broader aspects of financial education.

Rosebank Easter Egg Hunt – April 2022

Covid restrictions created an opportunity for the team at the RBA to think outside the box and convert the traditional Easter Egg Hunt into something that was still obtainable and fun for our Rosebank businesses employees and their families. Businesses supported this idea by donating Easter products and baskets.  The reactions of the 37 winners confirmed the importance of the role ‘play’ impacts in the wellbeing arena.

Fruit Care Packs – April 2022

‘Caring for your business and caring for your people’. In April 2022 RBA staff members rolled up their sleeves and hand-delivered 600 fruit care packs to all our Rosebank businesses. Leftover packs were divided between our three local schools, and it was also nice to be able to hand a few over to our two local charities, Fair Food and the Village Community Trust. Feedback was immediate and heart-warming as local businesses responded with gratitude and appreciation for our caring deed.

The Whau River Clean-Up Regatta 2021 & 2022

This annual community event organized by the Whau River Catchment Trust has the support of the RBA and encourages our local businesses and staff to volunteer their help to clean up our Whau awa wahapū (Whau River estuary).

In 2022, rubbish to fill two nine cubic metre skips was hauled out of the Whau, along with a trailer load of tyres and a large recycling bin of recyclables. 

Re-opening of the Kurt Brehmer Walkway – May 2022

A great example of a community working together is the work done by conservation volunteers of Friends of Kurt Brehmer Walkway, along with a joint deputation from the RBA’s Rosebank Wellbeing Collab and the Whau River Catchment Trust. They stated the reasons why they wanted the Kurt Brehmer Walkway reopened from both wellbeing and environmental viewpoints. A Geotech report was requested, which resulted in partial funding from the Whau Local Board for the report, and finally, Auckland Council doing its part to meet the funding for the upgrade of the path. The reopening of the Kurt Brehmer Walkway creates opportunities to encourage Rosebank workers and the wider community to utilize this space with the potential for local schools to use it from an educational standpoint.

Jump event – 21st June 2022

The Rosebank Wellbeing Collab joined forces with Jump Avondale to create an action-packed fun-filled activity afternoon for our Rosebank employees. It was fantastic to see employees laughing and enjoying social interaction.

Avondale College Trade Day – 16 June 2022

The RBA has been collaborating with the Avondale College Careers Department to connect them with our Rosebank businesses. On the 16th of June 2022, eight local business employers spoke to small groups of senior students who were able to gain insights into trades and apprenticeship opportunities. 

The RBA is currently working alongside Avondale College for its 2023 College Trade Day.

The RBA is also working with the Rosebank business community as students look for work experience through their school Gateway Programme or need holiday/full/part-time work.

Defibrillator jointly donated by RBA & USL Medical – 17th June 2022

Each year the RBA updates our AED Locations list which now has 69 AEDs located in the Rosebank business area. This is a vast improvement from the 26 that were initially listed in 2019 and shows the system change that has occurred as wellbeing becomes more of a focus for businesses.

On the 17th of June 2022, Rosebank School put a call out to our Rosebank business community asking for a defibrillator after a scare brought to their attention the need for one. The RBA & USL Medical jointly donated a Rescue Sam AED and on the 17th of June 2022, Claire Greenwood (USL Medical) ran a training session for the school staff members.

Bay Audiology comes to Rosebank – July/Aug 2022

As part of continuing to build the toolbox for the Rosebank Wellbeing Collab, the RBA worked with Bay Audiology to provide hearing tests for our Rosebank Business Community. Due to the makeup of our diverse business community with a portion of businesses having heavy machinery on site, the wellbeing of our business employees is at the forefront. Hearing tests were carried out on business sites with 92 people booking appointments.

Winter Warming Goodie Packs – 2/3 August 2022

The RBA acquired soups and vegetarian hot dogs from Life Health Foods, along with donated loaves of bread from Westie Food Group to create packs of Winter Warming Goodies.  These were distributed to all our 600 businesses, local schools, two Rosebank food charities, as well as local Avondale families in need.

RWC contribution to Worksafe NZ – 1st Edition on ‘Mentally Healthy Aotearoa’ book

Dr. John Fitzgerald has written a book for Worksafe NZ – 1st Edition on ‘Mentally Healthy Aotearoa’, released on the 19th of September 2022, with Zaynel Sushil (HFW) and Kim Watts (RBA) contributing chapter #15 “Growing a wellbeing movement at work”. Dr. John Fitzgerald has been following our work since we started the Rosebank Wellbeing Collab.

Be a Tidy Rosebank Kiwi – 5th Oct 2022

The RBA instigated this drive to raise awareness for our surrounding Rosebank area along with encouraging our local employees to dispose of their waste responsibly.

With slogans like ‘Let’s tidy up our front yard’, and ‘Take pride in our Rosebank community’, the RBA’s aim was to work collaboratively with our business neighbours to help change behaviour as we endeavored to make Rosebank a safer, cleaner, smarter business community.

An unexpected surprise was the notification from Rosebank businesses that they were choosing to pick up litter as part of Mental Health Awareness Week (connecting with your community).

Generosity Goes a Long Way – 8th Nov 2022

Community spirit was once again expressed when on Tuesday 8th of November 2022, RBA staff distributed 1200 pottles of FREE Lisa Hummus samples out to our Rosebank business employees thanks to the generosity of Life Health Foods down in Rosebank Road. 

Liquor Ban Signage 11th Nov 2022

The Rosebank Crime Prevention Group, with the help of the Auckland Council, has now erected Liquor Ban Signage on every road within the Rosebank BID area. This will allow police to issue infringements on anybody drinking on our streets. This is a very positive deterrent in our efforts to curb boy racer activities down at Rosebank.

Where’s Rosie Banks Scavenger Hunt 14-18th Nov 2022

This wellbeing ‘play’ activity saw Rosebank business teams follow pigtail signage and an information booklet to complete fun team activities while on the lookout for spot prize discs. There is something to be said for getting outdoors, building team relationships, and discovering the gem we have in our backyard – the Kurt Brehmer Walkway.

Diabetes Awareness – 29th Nov 2022

The RBA worked with Diabetes NZ to promote Diabetes Action Month and motivate people to take action for our country’s largest and fastest-growing condition. Diabetes NZ bought a van and two testers down to Rosebank to do FREE testing for our Rosebank business employees. We were fully booked and could have done with another day.

Donate a Can This Christmas – 1/14th Dec 2022

The RBA initiated a ‘Donate a Can This Christmas’ on the back of government predicaments that many families would suffer this Christmas. Businesses and their staff were asked to donate a can or item of dried food which would be collected for Kai Avondale to redistribute to neighbouring Avondale families in need. From the 4th to the 13th of December 2022, we collected 1073 cans, 806 dried foods, 114 jars, 53 toiletries, and 57 kids’ presents giving us a grand total of 2103 items donated to help local Avondale families in need.

The Amazing Business Race – 21st February 2023

Held at Riversdale Reserve on Tuesday 21st Feb 2023 with 18 teams entered and 133 participants, this wellbeing event once again didn’t disappoint. Based this time on the Amazing Race our Rosebank business employees made their way around fun activities that had them walking a twister course, doing the Macarena, and working as a team to solve a puzzle. It was fantastic to see people laughing and having fun.

To Care is to Share – 27/28 March 2023

All our Rosebank business employees have been affected by the price of living and none more so than the cost of fruit and vegetables. What better way of giving back than delivering fruit care packs to all our 600 businesses, two food banks, and three neighbouring schools for their staff members.

Rosebank’s Most Wanted – April 2023 (ongoing)

The RBA is always on the lookout for individuals and business teams who are doing selfless acts of kindness. With this in mind, we have created the ‘Rosebank’s Most Wanted’ to celebrate and acknowledge their wonderful achievements. Help has gone to the Napier Cyclone victims, championing Diabetes NZ, donating magnifying glasses to the local primary school, and promoting self-sustainability for staff to name a few.

Flu Vaccinations – 1st April 2023

For the second year, the RBA has collaborated with Peninsula Medical Centre to bring community nurses down to our Rosebank business community to administer the influenza vaccination to local business employees. We endeavour to continue to prioritize the health of our local community, and we saw more local businesses taking advantage of this opportunity.

Rosebank Easter Bunny Hunt April 2023

This interactive online activity is for young and old alike and involves local Rosebank employees along with their families searching for Easter bunnies on our Rosebank website to go into the draw to win prizes.

Safety & SecurityA Neighbourhood Watch report was created out of a need to inform our local businesses of the increased crime rate happening in Rosebank since the onset of COVID-19.  Our monthly report is receiving very positive feedback, and there has been a marked improvement in vigilance and neighbourly communication. Subsequently, interest has grown, and the Rosebank Crime Prevention Group was established with key stakeholders including Auckland Council, Whau Local Board, Avondale Police, Auckland Transport (AT), Matrix Security, and the RBA with the intention of developing solutions to make Rosebank a safer business community.

Liquor Ban Signage – liquor ban signage has been erected on every street in our BID area thanks to the Rosebank Crime Prevention Group.

CCTV Operating in this area signage – April 2023

NineCCTV signs have been erected on all our dead-end streets and entrances to Rosebank and Patiki Roads to deter boy racers in our area.

Crime Prevention Webinar – 24th May 2023

The business community was invited to join the RBA, NZ Police, & Matrix Security for an informative discussion on current trends and insights on local criminal activity. Advice was also available on best practice ideas for local business security. The recording was uploaded on YouTube and is available on our RBA website.

Banana Swale Pilot Project – June 2023 ongoing

The RBA has collaborated with EcoMatters in bringing 10 Rosebank businesses on board to look at sustainability and food waste. All businesses received a Food Waste Audit and then their food scraps were collected and delivered to Hope Garden where 10 banana trees (Banana Swale) are currently growing. The banana trees feed off the food waste and it is the intention that the banana crops will go to our local primary school – Rosebank School, for the kids to eat.

New Lynn Bowls event 7th June 2023

Getting people motivated to do any physical activity in winter is always hard, however, this wellbeing event saw 52 of our local Rosebank business employees come together at the New Lynn Bowling Club for an afternoon of indoor bowls. With teams of four, the camaraderie amongst everyone was infectious, along with being a great social event where business employees met new people from the Rosebank business community.

Credit & Control Workshop 2022 & June 2023

The RBA sponsored six local Rosebank employees to the NZBT’s Credit & Collection Workshop on tools and processes for credit management. This is an area that places a lot of stress not only on a business but also on the employee(s) involved.

Kidney Health NZ – 12th & 13th June 2023

Free kidney health tests were carried out at DOPD for our Rosebank business employees over two days in June. The overriding comment from a lot of people was what a fantastic opportunity this was to be able to get a kidney health check offered through their workplace, as it was very difficult for a lot of them to get to see their GPS or health providers. A number of people were recommended to have further investigations and checks done.

Matariki Colouring Competition 19 – 28 June 2023

This year, the Auckland Zoo joined us as an Associate Member, and we saw this as an opportunity to involve Rosebank School and Avondale Intermediate in a colouring competition to celebrate Matariki. We didn’t want our Rosebank employee families to miss out, so there was a separate competition for them with Auckland Zoo Family Pass packs to hand out to all the winners.

EMA Mental Health First Aid course – June 2023

With 1 in 5 NZ adults experiencing mental health issues, the RBA subsidised 5 x EMA ‘Mental Health First Aid’ courses to five of our HR Rosebank employees. This two-day MHFA workshop covers increased mental health literacy, encourages (early) help-seeking behaviour, and how to decrease stigmatizing attitudes.

When looking at the 34 activities that have been rolled out through the Rosebank Wellbeing Collab in the past 18 months, you can’t help but admire the effort that has gone into this initiative to be able to implement and bring together the Rosebank business community in very trying times.

We will continue to grow the Rosebank Wellbeing Collab and the contribution we can make to strengthening our community through these wellbeing events, shared knowledge, and direction.

In Rosebank, the narrative is shifting from a place for business success to a place for business, people, and community success.