Meat and Greet – Let’s share this treat!

True to form the RBA team was out in numbers on Monday, 17th July delivering Westie Food Group mini meat pies – 8,250 pies, to be precise, or 550 trays holding a mixture of 15 pies per tray.

Whether you are a meat lover or not, the aim was to use the tray as a starting point for either a shared morning tea or lunch with your workmates.

Sitting down to a shared meal isn’t all about ensuring everyone has food in their stomachs; it also fuels emotional needs and draws people closer together.

Let’s look at some reasons to encourage shared meals in your workplace.

  • It generates a sense of community amongst coworkers while creating a collaborative environment with employees.
  • Getting to know each other on a more personal level means you can understand each other a little better.
  • Shared meals boost productivity and allow your team to rediscover the value of taking time out.
  • It’s good for wellbeing to try home-prepared food from other cultures, share recipes, and just enjoy food for the pleasure that it is.

The Rosebank business community was very appreciative of this unexpected gift. The RBA would like to thank Westie Food Group for the organisational ease in helping us make this happen.