Jump for Joy

It doesn’t take much to bring out that inner competitor or the fact that people just love having fun.

On Tuesday 21st June 2022, the RBA’s Rosebank Wellbeing Collab collaborated with Jump Avondale to put on a fun activity afternoon for our Rosebank business employees.

We had originally organized for this event to take place in August 2021 but went into lockdown just four days shy of running the event. Good things come to those that wait!

With six people in a team, this was not only an opportunity to do a bit of team bonding but also a chance to get to know some Rosebank business neighbours. And what a friendly fun bunch they were.

It didn’t take long for people to warm up and get to terms with their jumping prowess before Sandra Mu and her team from Jump navigated the keen participants through the different activities.

What better way to start off than pairing two teams to battle it out to build the tallest Foam Tower? This is where teamwork and a touch of engineering technology come in handy as some towers resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It was then over to the Slam Dunk Challenge which saw team members crawling through teammates’ legs before attempting to shoot a hoop.

The Minefield Challenge was a case of remembering which trampoline squares not to bounce into – it was interesting to see the different team tactics with some companies doing it one at a time while others incorporated ‘Squid Games’ tactics with multiple people on the course at the same time.

Then there was Dodge Ball, and this always brings out that inner competitor as two teams endeavor to score the most points by hitting their opposition with a soft ball.

Congratulations to the team from C-Tech who managed to pull off a coup by winning both the Dodge Ball and Slam Dunk Challenge.

It was a nice change to see so many people smiling, laughing, and enjoying workmates in a fun environment.