Hearing Tests come to Rosebank

As part of continuing to build the toolbox for the Rosebank Wellbeing Collab, the Rosebank Business Association has been working with Bay Audiology to provide hearing tests for our Rosebank Business Community. 

Because of the makeup of our diverse business community with a portion of businesses having heavy machinery on site, the wellbeing of our business employees is forefront. It is a good exercise to ask the question “Why should we do health monitoring?”. And the answer is simple – to check that workers are not being harmed from exposure to hazardous noise while carrying out work. Other advantages are that the testing could detect early signs of noise-induced hearing loss with an opportunity to help treat and protect workers who have been exposed to hazardous noise levels which could be covered by ACC.

Bay Audiology visited a number of Rosebank businesses and their employees over the months of July and August 2022.

(A response from a Rosebank employee)

The lovely woman that did my hearing test was really informative and able to answer any questions I had regarding the test. Her instructions were straightforward and the whole process was quick and easy 😊