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Celebrations Group Ltd is the number one go-to for most of New Zealand’s councils, shopping centres, business associations and corporates. They live, breathe and plan Christmas all year, bringing it alive in magical installations all over New Zealand and the Pacific Islands every festive season.
The Celebrations team executes everything from elaborate Santa’s grottos, to 12 metre high Christmas trees, and bows and gift boxes the size of buildings. It’s almost guaranteed that most of the New Zealand population will have experienced their work somewhere, be it the base of Auckland’s Sky Tower, in their local mall – or even at the airport.
While being ‘Santa’s Elves’ is definitely hard work, the Celebrations Group never tire of making Christmas happen all over New Zealand. “We work after everyone’s gone home, knowing we’re guaranteed to invoke wonder and delight, in both kids and adults, when they catch their first glimpse of the magic we’ve created.”

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Phone09 621 0143
Location55-57 Patiki Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026

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